International observers say Syrian elections were transparent
After the elections, on Wednesday began counting the votes cast at 11,776 polls. (Photo: Reuters)

Observers from several countries invited by the Syrian government to follow the presidential election said Wednesday that the elections were “free, fair and transparent.”
Through a televised news conference, the Iranian deputy Aladin Boruyardi read a statement by the group’s findings, which highlighted that the vote was developed under the supervision of the Syrian Electoral Judicial Commission Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, which acted ” independent “, despite internal security challenges.
Other international representatives who participated was the Venezuelan parliamentary William Fariñas and the president of the World Peace Council, Brazilian Socorro Gomes.
The spokesman said these observers that the elections “were held at the date of democratic, fair and transparent manner.”
He recalled that Tuesday’s vote was the first in decades with more than one candidate and stated that citizens could choose “freely”.
For these reasons, “will respect the will of the Syrian manifested in the elections to elect their next president,” he said.
Boruyardi said the high turnout in the election, despite “the security challenges presented by terrorist groups,” and accused the United States and its allies “crimes against the rights of Syrians.”
The commissioner said that a new phase in the country opens after this vote after “three years of war fueled by foreign sectors.”For his part, the president of the World Peace Council, from Brazil, Socorro Gomes, said the Syrian presidential vote is a sign of respect for its citizens to the Constitution and the right of the Arab country to self-determination and refusal to foreign interference.
Syria on Tuesday held a presidential election, where three candidates are vying for the presidency: the current president and chief favorite to triumph in the democratic journey, Bashar Al Assad; Hassan Abdulla al Nuri and Maher Abdel Hafez Hajar.
In the days before the election day for Syrians residing abroad was developed. In this regard, Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Al-Mekdad noted that voter turnout abroad reached 95 percent.
According to local media, the results of the presidential elections in Syria will be announced Thursday June 5.
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