“True Friends of Syria” condemn terrorism in the Arab nation

Presidents of the Parliamentary National Security Commissions countries Friends of Syria (Photo: HispanTV)

The Second Meeting of heads of committees Security and Foreign Policy of the parliaments of the countries “True Friends of Syria” was held on Sunday in the capital, Tehran, where delegations from thirty states sharing policy stop violence Syria, consolidating security and stability to solve the crisis by political means and condemning terrorism against the Arab people.
The Iranian Parliament, Ali Larijani, said in a speech to the meeting of the True Friends of Syria confirms support for the conduct of presidential elections in that country, which “we want to be successful and open a clear path for future of Syria, and that the holding of the election is a confirmation of the need to settle the crisis by political and democratic means. ”
Moreover, the head of the Chamber of Deputies of Bolivia, Elio Chavez expressed his country’s strong opposition to any political or military intervention in Syria. The Bolivian legislature emphasized the anti-imperialist positions of La Paz and its “support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the countries that have become victims of world powers.”The final declaration calls for the participating countries to send delegations to Syria to observe the presidential elections, and also highlights the need to activate the role of parliaments of each country in the search for solutions to regional and international crisis.
The final document of the Interparliamentary meeting also urged to respect the sovereignty and independence of Syria and the right of peoples to self-determination, while ratifying the political solution is the only way to resolve the current crisis in Syria.
The international event was attended by Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Mali, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Philippines, Congo-Kinshasa, Guinea Conakry Mexico, Nigeria, Algeria, North Korea, Brazil, Lebanon, Belarus, and other countries.