Pay tribute to victims of attack on Jewish museum in Brussels
The event took place at the Great Synagogue of Brussels. (Photo Archive)

Over a thousand people gathered Monday at the Great Synagogue of Brussels to honor the victims of the May 24 attack against the Jewish Museum, which killed an Israeli couple and a French woman and left in a coma to a young Belgian .
Several ministers and politicians attended the event, as the Belgian foreign minister, Didier Reynders, or Interior, Joëlle Milquet, among other cabinet members, representatives of different faiths, Muslims and Christians, and laity.
Attendees also included the Catholic Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, André-Joseph Léonard; President of the Center for Lay Action (CAL), Henri Bartholomeeusen; a representative of the Muslim Executive of Belgium and President of the Israeli community in Brussels, Philippe Markiewicz.
The latter focused on the unique ceremony speech in the dialogue between religions, emphasizing the importance of good relations in the twenty-first century among all communities within the framework of “mutual respect” and advocate to defend “democracy for all “.
Furthermore, the leaders of the World Jewish Congress and the Belgian government agreed to collaborate on issues related to improving education about the Holocaust and anti-Semitism, racism and terrorism.
The Congress President Ronald Lauder, referred to in France arrested for the bombing of the Jewish Museum in Brussels, a Frenchman who fought in Syria and was radicalized in the last year, officials in Brussels and Paris.Lauder said the fighters returning to Europe “have learned to hate and kill”, so called for reinforcing the security forces.