Brazil denies that Snowden has concluded asylum
Brazilian Foreign Minister denied that the Executive has spoken with Snowden on shelter (Photo Archive)

The Brazilian government denied Monday that exanalista of the National Security Agency (NSA) Edward Snowden, fled to Russia, has sought asylum in that country.
Speaking to O Globo television network, Foreign Minister, Luiz Alberto Figueiredo said. “When you get the order, will be used not arrived,” he said.
Figueiredo offered these statements, hours after the Brazilian middle aired an interview in which Snowden says he formally requested asylum in the South American nation.
“My asylum in Russia expires in early August. If I set my Brazil (asylum), accept it gladly. (…) I would love to live in Brazil. In fact, the government have sought asylum in Brazil, “Snowden acknowledged.
The NSA exagente found in Russia, announced that the country would request asylum. He also said “I love to live in Brazil.”
“When I was at the airport (in Russia and his U.S. passport was canceled, ten months ago) sent a request to several countries. Brazil was one of them. A formal request,” Snowden said.
However, authorities have not acknowledged the arrival of the asylum claim, which was a surprise to Snowden. “Maybe they think a procedure that was not followed.”
The excontratista who has been charged in their country of origin United States of espionage, was granted asylum in Russia in August 2013, after filtering the U.S. agency documents, they realized that their intervention in the world.Among the documents included spying on the communications of the president, Dilma Rousseff, and the oil company Petrobras, prompting the president to report these practices to the United Nations and cancel his official visit to U.S. last October.