Daily Archives: 1 junio, 2014

They found nine mummies more than 2,500 years old


The team from the University of Jaén and Council of Antiquities of Egypt this year finished digging the grave of the governor and met “all parts” to confirm that it was the tomb of Haqaib III.

Conclude Uruguayan primary with low turnout


According to international media sources reported the Electoral Court, it is expected that the first official results are about two hours after the close of school, thanks to the computerization of about half of the tables.

Pope asks Francisco Charismatic Renewal worship God


Pope Francisco on Sunday attended the 37th National Assembly of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, where he had some criticisms of the post-conciliar movement of the Catholic Church. Francisco became the first pope to attend the annual summit of the RCC.

Attack in a football stadium leaves 42 dead in Nigeria


Although security agencies did not confirm the information; have the strong suspicion that the incident would have been occasioned by Boko Haram organization close to the border with Cameroon.

Salvadoran people congregate in popular act investiture Sanchez Ceren


The event takes place in Civic Square representative for the signing of the Peace Accords that ended 12 years of conflict that gripped this country since 1980 and also place where the FMLN as a political party, conducting public forums to inform their work in Parliament.

Thousands of Syrians support the re-election of Bashar Al-Assad


Since 2011 the president faces an attempt to overthrow funded by Western powers; effort that has been ignored by his followers; who took to the streets en masse to support his candidacy.

Smoking ban comes into force in Russia


From Sunday in Russia, launched a new anti-smoking law that bans smoking in public places and limiting advertising of tobacco companies. Last year began controls in hospitals, schools and government buildings.

Uruguay primaries in normally developing


This Sunday is holding primaries to determine candidates for the presidential planned for next October under a calm but with significant abstention. To match candidates from 10 political parties are presented.

Detained in France a suspected attack on Jewish museum


A judicial source said the French subject is arrested on suspicion of “murder and attempted murder in connection with a terrorist act” by the bombing of the Jewish Museum in Brussels left four dead last May 24.

Research magnicida plan is attached to Venezuelan law


The head of the Public Ministry confirmed that all investigations initiated comply with the provisions of Venezuelan law because the complaint filed by Mayor of the Libertador municipality is related to state security.