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Indigenous urge to participate in world climate change summit

The event will be held during the month of December in the Peruvian capital and bring together some 15,000 environmentalists and experts from around the world at a conference organized by the United Nations; in order to preserve nature for the benefit of humanity.

Hormonal fertility treatment help women undergoing chemotherapy

To preserve their fertility to have children, a woman can now, before starting chemotherapy, use frozen oocytes or embryos after ovarian stimulation.

Venezuela campaign strengthens warnings on cigarette packs

The warnings have been adults quit smoking and smokers also mobilized the best attempts to quit. The portraits of the mouths cancer “are the most powerful in all parts of the world,” officials said.

Venezuela urges the UN to take responsibility for environmental

The Venezuelan spokeswoman said governments should employ a different model of capitalism, to overcome the current head of the hazardous emissions of greenhouse gases economic system.

WHO calls for increasing taxes to reduce consumption of snuff

It is shown that with increased taxes some smokers stop smoking completely: some young people begin to consume; and those that do not let in many cases reduce consumption.

Turkish police repressed demonstrators protests commemorating 2013

Anti-government protesters walk amidst teargas fired by anti-government protester to disperse them in central Istanbul

In the capital, Ankara, riot police used tear gas and water cannon against a thousand demonstrators in the central square Kızılay. Erdogan’s government mobilized 25,000 men and 50 cannons of water.

Avalanche killed six people in Indian village west of Guatemala

The slide occurred on Friday night as a result of heavy rains affecting most of the Guatemalan territory. The Temprado of showers initiated in April has left more than two thousand people living in the Central American country.

Colombian stand Giro d’Italia 2014

This Sunday, rising to the podium three Colombians, each with the tricolor: Nairo Quintana, virtual winner so far, will do to claim two shirts, pink champion and the best young.

Brazil celebrates World No Snuff with new anti-smoke law

Vñia Twitter, the Head of State, Dilma Rousseff, welcomed the reduction of smoking in Brazil and reported that the country already has a “Law-smoke free environments to ensure snuff.”

Rescued three thousand immigrants in Italian coast

Immigrants from North Africa were rescued thanks to the rescue device Mare Nostrum, activated after the tragedy in 2013 on the Italian island of Lampedusa.