Upload participation in nine of the 28 countries of the European Union

Eight EU countries have a rise in voter turnout (Photo Archive)

Voter turnout in elections to the European Parliament (EP), rose slightly in nine of the 28 countries of the European Union (EU), in connection with last electoral contest of 2009, according to preliminary data from official sources and disseminated by the Parliament.
According to figures obtained until noon on Sunday, participation rose in Germany, Lithuania, Romania, France, Poland, Slovakia, Portugal, Bulgaria and the Netherlands, reported EFE.
The highest percentage rise are: Slovakia (7.0), Germany (5.4), Lithuania (2.4) and Romania (2.3).
For its part, France experienced a slight increase of 0.9 points, with a 15.7 share compared to 14.8 percent in 2009. In the Netherlands, was reported by 37 percent of voters, 0.2 percentage points higher relative to the previous election.
However, in at least eight countries have significantly lowered the vote: Austria, Spain, Slovenia, Hungary, Malta, Cyprus, the Czech Republic and Latvia, the latter with a low of -23 percent, registering just 30.3 percent share, according to data from PE.
Also notable are declines in participation in Cyprus and the Czech Republic, coming down about 8 points each going from 36.3 percent to 28.2 percent to 28.2 percent to 20 percent, respectively.
In Spain the decrease is three tenths: 24.1 to 23.8 percent.It is expected that the data is updated at 19H00 local time, when all polling stations, minus located in Italy, have closed.
This May 22 were called the people of Europe to elect the 751 disputed that make up the European Parliament for five years.
Some 382 million people are eligible to vote in an election of direct universal suffrage, free and secret. These will be the first elections after the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon will make the initial pattern for changing the other two most important institutions of the European Union (EU), the Council and the Commission.
The participation of the first elections to the European Parliament in 1979 was 61.99 percent, and since each call was lower: in 1984 (58,98); in 1989 (58,41); 1994 (56.67); 1999 (49.51); in 2004 (45.47) and 2009 (43.89).