Night eating syndrome: The habit that leads to obesity
Getting up at night is a bad sign, could be the beginning of obesity in the future. (Photo: Archive).

People who get up at night not knowing, and go to the kitchen of their homes in search of food, they face a pattern identified as night eating syndrome.
This was confirmed by a group of researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California (Southern United States), which analyzed a pair of genes responsible for synchronize mealtimes with the biological clock of the human body.
In their report, the researchers say that “most people who get up at night with an insatiable hunger, possibly face the night eating syndrome.”
According to scientists, the disorder affects the timing of meals, causing the person to eat more food than usual. The action becomes a determinant of lifting the weight of human of any age factor.
In the study published in the journal Cell Reports revealed that mice that were genetically mutilated it underwent alterations in meal patterns, causing them significantly overweight.
“It is estimated that between one and two percent of the world population suffers from night eating syndrome. One symptom is waking up in the night and get back to bed without eating something first, “said Satchidananda Panda, lead author of the research.