Attack pro Assad rally left about 39 dead in Syria
The first newsletter of the Centre for Human Rights reported 21 deaths, according to the forecast can increase the current figure (Photo: AFP)

The mortar attack perpetrated during a rally in support of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad has so far left 39 dead and 205 injured, local television stations reported.

The terrorist attack took place in the city of Deraa, where an event was taking place with the Syrian people to support the government of al-Assad, on Thursday night.
Earlier, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights issued a bulletin stating 21 dead and thirty wounded by launching a mortar, by Islamist mercenaries.
One was a minor-6 Al Assad supporters, members of the so-called popular committees and four other unidentified persons – 11 civilians among the victims were found.
The governor of Deraa, Mohamed Khaled al Hanus, said the neighborhood came to where the projectile was full of civilians, including women and children, who had come to express support for the president ahead of the elections on June 3.
This attack is the first of mercenaries against an act of the campaign, which began on May 11. According to the observatory, more than 162 thousand people have died because of the conflict in Syria began in March 2011.