Cholera outbreak adds new victims in South Sudan
Missionaries of WHO remain deployed in South Sudan to prevent the spread of cholera in the country. (Photo: Archive).

The World Health Organization (WHO) revealed Monday that about nine people lost their lives after being victims of a cholera outbreak affecting several weeks the people of South Sudan ago.
According to the international organization, at least 138 people are infected with the virus. Before the fact, health professionals fear that the epidemic is worsening and cases multiply in the coming days.
Therefore, WHO and other humanitarian agencies like the United Nations (UN), have been responsible for doubling the supply of medicines in the country, despite the internal conflict facing several months.
WHO expressed concern about the proximity of the rains, while bad roads could be a determinant for the distribution of social grants in all regions of the nation factor.
According to a report from the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef, for its acronym in English), 80 percent of South Sudanese children in danger of contracting a disease and die for not having the necessary drugs to eradicate .
The lack of food have led to famine is latent in that country, while humanitarian organizations have called on the State to join forces to prevent the loss of people.
UN data, reveal that the clashes in South Sudan since December 2013 have left over 300 people dead and forced 2.7 million people from their communities.