FREE Party calls social mobilizations after attack leader

Members of Freedom and Refounding Party (FREE) of Honduras called Tuesday to protests across the country to reject violence, insecurity and political intolerance, after the bombing of the ruler Rafael Barahona. In an exclusive interview to the Barahona teleSUR himself noted that the mobilization calling it “across the wave of violence, insecurity and political intolerance in the country.” The mobilization “is peaceful” and “do in the framework of democracy and peace,” he added. He recalled that after the coup against former President Manuel Zelaya in 2009, “we have lost many colleagues, friends, victims of attacks, repression, have been violated all human rights” in Honduras. “We want to instill fear and attack on the eve have activity against leaders,” Barahona said. Shares of violence in the Central American nation “are in the environment,” said the social leader, after emphasizing that the Honduran government “has been unable to meet and say something about it.” The Facts On Tuesday, FREE Party charged that Rafael Barahona received eight bullet holes in the vehicle and one smote him a hand, as he moved to call for a protest to be held outside the National Congress República.Barahona he explained that ” a vehicle and put me in some individuals got out and grabbed guns and shot the whole car. ” “I stepped back and took it away, but I was struck by another vehicle. Thank God we are alive,” he said.For the social leader, “was impressive how many shots of these vehicles fled.” The bodies of special investigation of Honduras “I have confirmed that this is an attack, they wanted to kill me. The mobile is under investigation,” Barahona said.