Argentina developed programming language to apply to the global robotics
One of the robots created with the kit and programmed RobotGroup Minibloq. (Photo: lanacion)

“The program allows Minibloq minimize syntax errors, for the user to concentrate on the program you are developing,” said the Argentine Julián da Silva Gillig creator of this innovative open source.
The expert said the Miniblog has several features that allow the user to quickly see if you forgot something or if something is wrong, because it blocks adding to their program and be finding at the time of what things might not work.
“This greatly reduces the learning curve and development of small projects, which is oriented (Miniblog) for now,” said da Silva who is in business for United States (U.S.).
“In robotics, programming involves some complexity to be based on C + +. Keys, capital letters, commas and endless programming structures can be drawn between the college students, but it becomes a challenge to transfer these activities to other educational levels such as primary and secondary schools, “explains Monica Paves La Nacion, a professor of mathematics and one of the members of RobotGroup an Argentina company specializing in creating educational robotics kits which are exported to other countries.With the need to add an educational process when programming robotics kits, RobotGroup Minibloq began using a simple graphical programming environment geared to the educational environment and used in extended form among children and adolescents in primary and secondary schools.
“Minibloq is a free open source software, which uses symbols and logic programming as any other program. It is based on C + + and allows real-time display possible errors in code. Has no usage limits, ie, is aimed at all levels of education, but being so didactic in its use, it is ideal for use in children and youth, “says Paves. And it can be used for platforms Arduino, multiple and various others.
Julián da Silva Gillig creator Miniblog said the program has been translated into 16 languages ​​”and that made voluntarily people from other parts of the world.” Julian added that Minibloq is used in schools in five continents, according to receiving emails and posts published in the forum.