Salvadoran police get arrest warrant against former President Flores
Francisco Flores was last seen in public on January 28; when he went before a committee of the Legislative Assembly to attend an interrogation related to the fate of the money donated by the government of Taiwan (Photo: File)

Police in El Salvador was ordered to arrest the president of that country, Francisco Flores on Wednesday; who is a fugitive from justice on charges of illicit enrichment, embezzlement and desobediencia.Carlos Merino, press officer of the Courts of Justice was asked to confirm the news to the Associated Press; and ensure that the police depend on the decision to notify Interpol on the request scope if instances internacionales.Marta Rosales, first justice of the peace, shall be responsible to explain the reasons for Friday to issue the arrest warrant and pass a trial court; where formal juicio.En will start this sense, the jurist also ordered the freezing of all assets such as homes, vehicles or boats that had hitherto been identificados.Flores remains unknown since his last public appearance; when it appeared on January 28 before a Committee of the Legislative Assembly to explain the fate of a grant from the government of Taiwan valued at 23.5 million dólares.Aunque there are no official records confirming the departure of former President Flores of the country, Minister of Justice and Security, Ricardo Perdomo; confirmed a number of presumptions of law enforcement on the possibility that he had left the country clandestinely to seek refuge in Panama.Members of the Nationalist Republican Alliance (Arena) have claimed to Public Safety agents that know the whereabouts of the former president; who was in power between 1999 and 2004.