Pérez Esquivel: Venezuelans must claim dialogue to overcome violence

The Venezuelan opposition has accomplices, internal and external, including President Macri of Argentina, Esquivel said. | Photo: archive

The Nobel Peace Prize, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, asked the Venezuelan people claim their representatives of the ruling party and the opposition go to dialogue among them to find alternatives that overcome violence.
In an article published Sunday in his Facebook account, the Argentine questioned that the opposition refuses to dialogue with the Government “have not respected the instances proposed by Unasur, and facilitated by the Francisco Pope, along with several former Presidents in order to reach agreements that guarantee social peace”.
He added that it is necessary to resort to dialogue to find solutions to the difficulties affecting the people, like the economic shortages caused by large companies.
For Esquivel, Venezuela it suffers a crisis imposed by the United States, a nation that doesn’t want to lose its influence and continental control, and seeks to prevent the self-determination of peoples through soft hits.
> Mujica: Venezuelan irrational right is a threat to the country “already spent in Honduras, Haiti, Paraguay and Brazil, the successful soft hits,” said Esquivel, who added that the media have been put at the service of the great economic and political interests, and that seek to discredit the Venezuelan Government to spread false news to provoke the general deterioration.