Airstrike in Syria is part of israeli politics: Minister

Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz (i), together with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu (c). | Photo: Reuters

Air attack in the early hours of Thursday near the international airport of Damascus, capital of Syria, is in tune with the policy of Israel, expressed the Minister of Jewish intelligence, Yisrael Katz.
In statements offered to the military radio station Galei Tzahal in United States, where he is visiting, Katz said that the bombardment took place to prevent alleged arms from Iran to come to Syria.
> Media claim that Israel attacked Syrian International Airport “Coincide, absolutely in line with our stated policy, a policy that we also implement,” said Katz without making any direct claim of the attack.
On the site where the explosion occurred was allegedly a weapons Depot believed belongs to Hezbollah.
Katz recalled that Israel opposes attempts to Iran send modern weapons through Syria to the Hezbollah militia.

#ULTIMAHORA Israeli fighters attack International Airport #Damasco – HispanTV (@Hispantv) 27 April 2017 also noted that the israeli Prime Minister Benjamín Netanyahu, has given orders to act whenever “we receive intelligence information about the intentions of transferring advanced weapons to Hezbollah”.
The Israel Defense forces have not commented the incident so far.
Last Friday the Israel Air Force attacked missile positions of the Syrian army in the province of Quneitra.