Indigenous people from Peru ask oil payment for use of their land

Pacific Exploration & Production has a daily production of 10,000 barrels of crude oil, from 2015. | Photo: EFE

At least 600 native communities in the gardens and new Alliance of Capahuari in Peru, near the border with Ecuador, took last Saturday the oil lot owned by the Canadian company Pacific Exploration & Production, to demand payment for use of their land.
The President of the Organization interethnic of the high Pastaza (Oriap), Wilmer Chávez, said that natives demand the presence of government officials that resolved the conflict, since the production is currently suspended before the damage to the pipeline at the beginning of the year after suffering several breaks. 
> Military police used tear gas against indigenous peoples in Brazil oil company, considered the largest in the country, said by e-mail to Reuters that there is no 19 indigenous communities, of which 18 have made agreements, any pending payment.
Meanwhile, Chavez indicates that the gardens and new Alliance of Capahuari have done no Pact and why Pacific Exploration & Production request payment of a million soles ($302.071). 
> Peruvian Government evaluates release dictator Alberto Fujimori Pacific Exploration & Production stated that communities offered a compensation of 106,000 soles, the same value that was paid to other indigenous ethnic groups of the region, however, they rejected it and demanded that the Peruvian Government set the amount.