Celac will meet in San Salvador on May 2 at the request of Venezuela


The community of Latin American and Caribbean (Celac) convened a meeting which will be held in San Salvador at the request of the Foreign Minister of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, who requested a meeting of the Foreign Ministers to address the “threats” against the democratic order in the country and the violence promoted by the opposition for next May 2.
In a communication sent by the director-general of foreign policy and national coordinator for the CELAC, Jorge Alberto Arandao, El Salvador, which holds the Presidency ‘pro tempore’ of the body, accepted the request of Rodriguez, and he has called the meeting for next week.
> Venezuela will withdraw from the OAS if it convenes meeting without his endorsement “that day, we will present, as well we inform you in our communication, the threats against the democratic constitutional order, as well as the interventionist actions that have been deployed” against the independence, sovereignty and peace of Venezuela, said the head of foreign relations of Venezuela, in telephone contact with VTV.

El Salvador supports efforts to resolve the situation in Venezuela. https://t.co/mssYZGZTzJ #CELAC #PPTCELACSV pic.twitter.com/qrgxFKb0go – Foreign Affairs El Salvador (@cancilleriasv) April 26, 2017 according to the established procedures for the organic operation of Celac, Foreign Ministers will meet in ordinary way twice a year, ‘being able to convene extraordinary meetings if necessary at the request of a Member State’.  
The Salvadoran Foreign Ministry said that it would also support a similar meeting if convened it to the Organization of American States (OAS), whose relationship with Venezuela is becoming more strained.  
At the beginning of the month the Secretary general of the OAS, Luis Almagro, sought to invoke the Charter to expel Venezuela’s continental block, indeed, met with rejection of several Nations, including El Salvador.  
Even so, the Foreign Minister Rodriguez warned Tuesday that if the OAS made such a meeting without the backing of Venezuela, the Bolivarian Government would initiate procedures to withdraw from that was known as ‘Ministry of colonies of United States ‘.

#AHORA | @DrodriguezVen: for meeting of Foreign Ministers of the OAS without the endorsement of Vzla, will begin process of removal of this organization – teleSUR TV (@teleSURtv) 26 April 2017 in recent weeks, opposition groups have promoted Street actions, which have left a toll of 26 dead and more than 430 injured, as well as damage to shops and public spaces.