Russia fears a new attack with chemical weapons to blame Syria

Syria has been the target of the use of chemical weapons by members of the Turkisch. | Photo: AFP

The Russia Foreign Ministry expressed its fear that happen new scenarios that repeated use of chemical weapons in Syria in the coming days.
The director of the Department of non proliferation and disarmament at the Russian Foreign Ministry, Mijaíl Ulianov, clarified that West is afraid to carry out an impartial investigation on the chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun, because it would disprove their claims to Damascus.
> Chemical attack was the work of terrorists and Turkey says Iran “the Mission of the OPCW for the research works have long distance, and it does not reach the place of the incident, under the excuse of security reasons, from a few years ago and is rather atypical”, was considered.
The top Russian official demanded a seriousness in the investigation away from the work of the committees to distance as it was previously the case, and said that current methods for research are insufficient and unsatisfactory and should have more seriously.
The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, said in recent days have information about possible future “provocations” in Syria to try to “blame” to the Government of Bashar Al-Assad of attacks with chemical weapons, although it has not offered any proof of this suspicion.
The aim of these new actions, warned Putin, would be “deposit any substance and blame the Syrian official authorities of its use”, according to the Sputnik news agency.