Only 1% of poor students completed the University

At international level, 30 per cent of students enroll private universities. | Photo: Arne Hoel/World Bank

Only one per cent of the poor can complete College, according to a new report presented on Thursday by the United Nations Organization for education, science and culture (Unesco, by its acronym in English).
“The 1 percent of poor students can complete four years of college education, compared with 20 percent of those who are rich,” says the document.
The report notes that between 2000 and 2014, the number of University students amounted to 207 million. However, many Governments have not meet this demand which has resulted in great disparity in access. 
In this way, the cost lies fully with families, but many of them cannot afford the studies of their children. 
At international level, 30 per cent of students enroll in private universities. In the case of Latin America, the figure reaches 50 per cent.
Data: less than one per cent of the indigenous population in Mexico attending college, according to Unesco.
The international body proposes to create an agency that offers student aid, designing legislation and regulatory frameworks that ensure equity in access to education.