WikiLeaks CIA links to pilferage in 40 countries

The company Symantec Corp. informed through their blog about the relationship between international organizations and espionage. | Photo: EFE

WikiLeaks reported on the link between a software of pilferage of the Central Agency of intelligence (CIA, by its acronym in English) and 40 operations in 16 countries including the United States.
Security Symantec Corporation company sent a message through his blog and reported that tools revealed in the recent publications by WikiLeaks were linked with electronic infiltration of international, financial, energy, and aerospace organizations around the world. 

“Leading US anti-virus maker Symantec states that it has detected CIA infestation in 16 countries – including the US – WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) April 10, 2017 as the company depends on the data supplied by its customers, researcher Dick or” O’Brien did not give details saying that doing so would encourage guesses about the identity of individuals and organizations involved. 
The CIA does not appear in the message from Symantec, but there is no doubt that it was the origin of electronic espionage tools. When WikiLeaks began publishing the data in March, the Group offered an explanation of how he had taken from the center of the CIA offering tools and the US Government admitted the truth of revelation.
“In terms of regions, the largest region in terms of targets of espionage was the Middle East,” O’Brien said in a telephone interview and said that attributing a specific Government tools “outside of our area of knowledge”. 
> WikiLeaks reveals the CIA tactics to disguise hacks researcher reported that one of the tools was discovered when installed on a computer in the United States, almost immediately after it was uninstalled. 

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