Five killed by explosion in oil company of China

Image of an explosion in 2016 in a Chinese refinery. | Photo: The Popular

Five people were killed and three others injured in a fire caused by an explosion that occurred on the night of Sunday in a warehouse of a factory in Eastern china of Anhui Province.
The explosion occurred to 17:20 Sunday, approximately, in the Wanhua oil company in the city of Anqing, according to the authorities of the municipality.
The fire was extinguished three hours later. Rescuers managed to save the lives of three people, but five others, trapped in the damaged place, were found dead in the early hours of Monday morning.
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Air pollution controls revealed high levels after the fire, despite the big smoke that resulted, although if measures have been taken to alleviate the water pollution caused by the incident, according to Government sources.
The causes of the outbreak are being investigated