Russia to U.S. Coalition: No more civilian casualties in Syria

María Zajárova called on the Coalition to have a rational attitude so that there are no civilian casualties. | Photo: Sputnik (reference) Nóvosti

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia urged on Thursday the international coalition, led by the United States, which operates in Syrian territory, to act with caution to prevent deaths among the civilian population.
“We call to all participants of the U.S. Coalition to show a rational and responsible attitude to the maximum in the accomplishment of tasks to defeat terrorists in Syria,” the spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, María Zajárova called.

#Zakharova: The current military and political situation in #Syria is having – MFA Russia (@mfa_russia) March 30, 2017 > Russia will follow up measures to maintain peace in Syria in his usual press conference, Zajarova extended his call to the Iraqi case, “in order to avoid victims among the civilian population and the destruction of important civilian infrastructure”.
Both countries (Syria and Iraq), have been destroyed materially and humanly war suffering, fuelled by the United States and its allies. Part of the cultural heritage of these Nations has also been demolished by the conflict.
In the case of Iraq, in particular in the city of Mosul, the operation takes place to expel the terrorist group calling itself Islamic State (Turkisch in Arabic) of the western part of the city.
> UN sends humanitarian aid to provinces of Syria #Zakharova: The situation in #Mosul continues to deteriorate. The humanitarian crisis is extremely acute | #Iraq – MFA Russia (@mfa_russia) March 30, 2017 on 28 March past the Office of the High Commissioner for human rights (OHCHR for its acronym in English) of United Nations reported at least 307 civilians killed and 273 wounded in the western area of Mosul since February 17 by the Turkisch attacks and aerial bombardments.