“Sea for Bolivia” was the slogan of a March in Spain

Bolivia maintains the hope of returning to the sea with sovereignty and that the Court in the Hague as well to recognize it in a year. | Photo: @EmbajadaBolEsp

Resident Bolivian in Spain marched this Sunday by them streets of Barcelona to reaffirm its commitment of return to the sea with sovereignty, in the frame of it demand maritime interposed by Bolivia in the Court International of it has against Chile.  
“As all Bolivians, I believe we have to start from the premise of not giving up until not a sovereign outlet to the Pacific Ocean (…). With this activity we intend to reaffirm the deep commitment to integration into the sea”, said Remy Crespo, a member of the Bolivian community in Barcelona. 

In these moments the @conbolbar March in support to Bolivian demand in Barcelona #MarParaBolivia #ElMarNoUne @mincombolivia @MRE_Bolivia pic.twitter.com/u5PiZwzfD0 – Bolivia in Spain (@EmbajadaBolEsp) March 19, 2017 “the objective of this activity is to make the international community aware that there is an outstanding unresolved issue between Bolivia and Chile, which is the maritime locked”, emphasized Crespo in a telephone interview with the village program is news.

From Madrid with a heart full of hope, loud and clear! #MarParaBolivia sovereign ❤️ pic.twitter.com/r882XamKqB – katia auza (@KatiaAuza) March 16, 2017 the mobilization of the Bolivian community in Barcelona managed to add to peoples of other countries in support of the maritime cause, said organizers. 
The Minister of communication, Gisela López, stressed that such initiatives reflects that Bolivia is not alone and that the world’s citizens support a just cause. “We see that a whole international community has manifested itself with the cause publicly, all have expressed their adherence to the demand,” he noted.
The Government of Bolivia raised an appeal in April of 2013 so that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) force Chile to negotiate in good faith request for an outlet to the sea. However, the Chilean Government stated in July his position, rejecting any obligation in this respect.
> Bolivia reaffirms strength of returning to the sea with sovereignty