Felipe González denies Clarin on publication of CFK

Cristina Fernandez invited to rectify or ratify the information diffused that involved his freedom, to what Felipe Gonzalez reacted ensuring that all is false. | Photo: EFE

The Spanish ex-President Felipe González denied this Saturday the publication of the Argentine newspaper Clarin, which involves you have set as a condition to Mauricio Macri judging and condemning the former President Cristina Fernández for Spanish businessmen to invest in Argentina. 
“Is false and does not corresponds to my thinking”, said Gonzalez rejecting have requested that imprisoned of CFK in a conversation sustained during the visit of Macri to Spain the last month February.

“I just send a note to Clarin denying it. It is totally false””is not nor my thought”pic.twitter.com/ygPwXFoil4 – Cristina Kirchner (@CFKArgentina) 18 March 2017 Felipe González declarations were announced then of exmandataria Fernandez sent him a letter, asking him to ratify or rectify the information disseminated by the Clarín newspaper about the Spanish demands to invest in the South American country.
In the alleged conversation between Macri and Gonzalez referred to the journalist for Clarín Marcelo Bonelli, the former Spanish President would have expressed, “President: Why won’t dam Cristina Kirchner?” I want to know that nobody is going to invest seriously in Argentina until the facts of corruption of Cristina are judged and sentenced”. 
To what Felipe González through an interview said, “he’s lying. Without doubt are lying. In my 75 years of age and nearly 50 years of political activity, these things continue to amaze me”. 
“I don’t think that we should ask nobody and less executive power to remove potential enemies through the courts. I don’t know how has occurred to the person that made the note put that in my mouth”said referring to Bonelli. 

Felipe González: “don’t believe to be necessary to ask anyone and less executive power to remove potential enemies through judicial.” pic.twitter.com/BavfKezatH – Cristina Kirchner (@CFKArgentina) March 18, 2017 Gonzalez asked Clarin rectify its publication.