“Here to play life right”: ballot in Ecuador will mark the course of the region, says Correa

Correa urged the people to be alert to the actions of the opposition once the electoral process has completed. | Photo: Reuters (reference)

The presidential elections on April 2 in Ecuador are defining for the political direction of the region, before the aforementioned conservative restoration, said the President of this South American nation, Rafael Correa.
” Here life is played right, has been compared to the choice of Ecuador with the battle of Staligrado, which changed the course of the second world war,”said Correa, who justified his sentence:”Is that right continues to advance or sign which began the kick”.
In an interview with a local media and another Argentine in the city of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Correa expressed his confidence that the movement Alliance country (AP) will win the ballot, but he warned that right will try to ignore that triumph and generate confusion.


> Survey gives advantage to 18 points to Lenin Moreno in second round of Ecuador “will not accept the results, by extensive they are, already began a framing of fraud”, said the head of State.
Belt is referred to a probe of the pollster Cedatos that gives as winner to the exbanquero Guillermo Lasso, of the movement believe (center-right). “Not anyone (…) believed that It is false, this survey is fraudulent,”he said.
The candidate of AP, Lenín Moreno, who won the first round of elections on February 19, leaves widely favored in most of the surveys that are made in Ecuador.
He first representative called to the citizenship to be prepared before the alleged strategy of the right of not wanting to “accept its future defeat” and that by this has started to talk again of a so-called “fraud”.
> Belt: it right shouts “fraud” for disguise the defeat “the opposition has presented zero complaints formal on the so-called fraud in them #Elecciones2017EC” @MashiRafael #EntrevistaTsáchila pic.twitter.com/2hcVozWJAr-the citizen (@ElCiudadano_ec) 4 of March of 2017 of equal form, highlighted that them processes progressive is maintain “force and continue being extremely important”.