Argentine scientists are protesting today against budget adjustment

Rejection to the policies of the Government of the President Mauricio Macri. | Photo: The uncompromising

A new day national of protest shall come to pass this first of March in Argentina, in coincidence with the opening of sessions of the Congress national and next to a stop of the workers of the Council national of research scientific and technical (Conicet).
The Community scientific of the Conicet expressed his rejection to the adjustment budget that suffers the sector from the arrival to the House pink of the President Mauricio Macri.
> Teachers call for general strike on 6 and 7 March in Argentina last year attacks on the scientific sector followed, first as a cut in the budget approved by all blocks majority of Congress and then by the dismissal of more than 500 workers, who saw their access to career research scientist despite having obtained assent for entry closed. It takes of the Ministry of science and of them CCT of the interior of the country managed to impose a truce to the extend them scholarships postdoctoral of these researchers by a year, but until now the Government not has demonstrated will of advance in the incorporation of these workers to Conicet.
“Despite the discursive manoeuvres of the Minister (flax) Barañao to disguise the setting, there are thousands of doctors that the only thing they want is the regular employment of the CONICET, the numbers are clear.” “To the cut of the 20 percent in them scholarships doctoral and postdoctoral, the year last (respect to 2015), is you sum a setting much more to the 50 percent in them income to career of researcher for it call current”, explain scientific.  
Barañao to the news magazine’s recent statements have also led to the reaction of the Argentine scientific community. The owner of Minister of science, technical and productive innovation stated that the Conicet should not finance the study of the middle ages, among other issues.
> CGT Announces national strike in March against Macri policies “if they want to investigate in medieval history to do so, in the universities. Conicet is not an employment agency, it cannot be that thousands of scholars see the Conicet as the only alternative for a stable career,”the official said.
During the protest, they installed a fair with numerous stands, posters, exhibitions and activities in which knowledge generated with society, with the aim of “taking out the science Street” will be shared.