The Turkisch orders to kill in Valentine’s day

The information it gave to know through a video posted by the Group terrorist. | Photo: Reuters

The self-styled terrorist group Islamic State (Turkisch, in Arabic) ordered his followers to murder and attacking religious figures Muslim Iraq and other Arab countries in anticipation of Valentine’s day, local media reported on Sunday.
According to the information, the terrorists released a video to invite supporters to finalize leaders clerical of the Muslim world in Iraq, that are considered by these extremists “enemies who should be purged from the Earth”.
> USA used the Turkisch against Assad, according to leaked audio another local source in the town of Nineveh, whose capital is Mosul, said that one of the heads of the Turkisch showed their revulsion towards the conclusion of February 14 in a violent way, which symbolized with the beheading of a teddy bear red, typical Valentine gift for lovers in the region.
Of equal form, added that that group extremist “seems have fear due to the advance of them forces of security Iraqi in the West of Mosul against the grouping”, because now is prepared to operate in that area, still dominated by the Group extremist.