Bolivia require visa to Israeli
The announcement was made Wednesday by the Bolivian president. (Photo Archive)

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, announced on Wednesday that his government decided to require citizens of Israel entry visa to this country, after considering that the country is a “terrorist state” for its attacks on Gaza.

At an event in the city of Cochabamba (center), Morales said the decision was taken in his cabinet because “Israel does not respect the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

“As a country, as a people, we have made a firm decision to terminate the agreement on visas to Israel from August 17, 1972, signed under a regime of dictatorship in Bolivia and that allowed Israeli citizens to enter Bolivia freely without I have an entry visa, “he said.

According to Morales, from this decision, Israel will move from group 1 to 3 ranking procedures for obtaining entry visa to Bolivia, which will mean that applications will be reviewed by the National Directorate of Immigration.

“Brothers, turn to the list 3 means in other words that we are declaring a terrorist state, therefore, has to take precautions” to the income of their citizens to Bolivia, added the governor.

In group 1, the countries of the Andean Community, Mercosur and the European Union are, whose citizens do not require a tourist visa to enter Bolivia and only must present a valid passport, a certificate of vaccination against yellow fever and itinerary books.In 2009, the Morales government broke diplomatic relations with Israel in solidarity with Palestine by arguing that “crimes against humanity” committed in Gaza during this period.