Daily Archives: 14 julio, 2014

Colombia reached number 25 in historical classification of the World Cup


Seven European teams are among the top ten; while Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay are the only South American representatives located within the selected group.

Mexico condemned Israeli attacks on Gaza


The Aztec government rejected the armed attacks that started the Zionist Army against the Gaza Strip and requires international provisions are met to protect civilians.

Rains leave three dead in Nicaragua


Nicaraguan Government spokeswoman Rosario Murillo said that more than 15,000 people affected by rains in this Central American country. He urged people to remain calm before the natural event currently facing.

Meeting to focus on migrant children over 200 delegates


The objective of this competition organized by the government of Honduras and UNICEF is addressing the humanitarian crisis in a comprehensive way and develop joint proposals to solve this problem.

Candidates against the clock to register his candidacy in Bolivia


Three months before the election, the Bolivian Evo Morales dignitary, has 38.3 percent approval. Coming to win the war, became the first indigenous president to assume the office of head of state for four consecutive terms.

Israel used banned weapons that cause cancer in Gaza


Doctors and medical staff of Palestine found on the bodies of dead or wounded “remnants of WMD illegal under international law,” said Abu Rish at a press conference from the Shifa hospital in Gaza.

Chile to import medicinal marijuana for cancer patient


The authorization was issued to a single person and in a timely manner and allow in a limited number of containers for a three-month treatment.

Iraqis afraid to talk about women in Baghdad slaughter


Iraqis prefer to remain silent about the alleged murder of prostitutes in the capital, with the fear of being victims of the terrorist groups that make life there.

BRICS summit will be protected by more than 400 military 6000


The meeting will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday in Brazil attended by the presidents of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff; Russia, Vladimir Putin; China, Xi Jinping, South Africa, Jacob Zuma, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Also on Wednesday will incorporate Latin American dignitaries.

Venezuelan government requirements attended to 624 communities


This was reported by representatives of the National Executive; who highlighted the work of volunteers, students and health professionals, who provide medical and holistic care to people living in extreme poverty.