Daily Archives: 22 junio, 2014

Algeria gives surprise to South Korea


The African group is the first in the continent to score goals during a World Cup match; allowing them to remain in contention for qualification for the next round.

Avanza extradition request against former head of Colombia’s intelligence


Colombian Justice is carrying out the request for extradition of the former director of the DAS, Maria del Pilar Hurtado; who is being prosecuted for the crimes of aggravated conspiracy, abuse of public office, unlawful violation of communications, embezzlement by appropriation and forgery of public documents.

José Mujica: Vulture Funds want oil from Argentina


“Today and tomorrow you go for me,” said the head of state, which stated that “these funds buy debt papers for two pesos and then intend to stay with everything.”

Israeli air strike on military facilities in Syria


The attacks were carried out at dawn on Monday in response to Syrian missile launch against the territory of Israel. Syrian attack killed an Israeli teenager 14 years and left two injured.

Ban Ki-moon supports peace plan Ukrainian President


The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expressed his support for the peace plan of President of Ukraine, which expected to serve to reduce conflict in the east. The diplomat reiterated the commitment of the international organization to help those displaced by the political crisis.

Uruguay last details for 120 Syrian refugees


While preparations for the humanitarian operation, considered unprecedented in Uruguay, are advanced, the details will be in these days, when the UNHCR Uruguay present the final draft.

Maduro highlights social coverage plans in Venezuela


“Today we experienced a missions Sunday, check house x home, taking with love for our brothers … people inside,” Chavez wrote in his account on the social network Twitter.

Hallan link between stress and heart attacks


The team’s findings were based on tests of white blood cell counts in people in one of the most stressful work situations: resident physicians in intensive care units.

Egypt begin preparations for legislative in July


Al Sisi won the presidential elections held in late May with 96.9 percent of the vote and one of his main goals as president will be to lead the country holding these elections.

Organized another day of supporting the Five in Washington


The International Committee for the Freedom of the Five said in a statement Sunday that next September in Washington will support activities to the release of the Cuban Five, upon completion of 16 years of imprisonment in the United States.