Daily Archives: 18 junio, 2014

Bolivian committee shall extradite former prosecutor Marcelo Soza in Brazil


According to the Attorney General of Bolivia trip will be made once all documents are consigned to the Bolivian Foreign Ministry involving Soza in various corruption offenses when investigating a suspected attempt against President Evo Morales.

Spanish Left is absent in proclaiming the King


Parliamentarians of Izquierda Unida (IU) announced they will not participate in the proclamation of Philip VI Thursday. The federal coordinator of IU rejects ban republican demonstrations, which saw the unprecedented and unconstitutional.

Lula believes reelection Santos was in favor of peace


Brazilian president congratulated for their trinufo Santos and told him that South America will gain a lot when the armed conflict ends in neogranadina nation, and thereby boost the economic and social sector. Ensures that this command is a channel for peace.

Cerro de Potosí damage will be inspected by Unesco mission


Sending the crew to Bolivia was “automatic” with the declaration of assets peligro.Coordinará inspection in conjunction with the Inter-Agency Committee for the Preservation of Cerro Rico Potosi comprises 14 entities, seeking to preserve its structure and slow the collapse.

Argentina has a strategy before ruling on vulture funds


The Supreme Court of the United States on Monday decided not to take the Argentina appeal against the ruling by Judge Thomas Griesa in the ongoing case against the country by so-called vulture funds.

Chile buries the defending champion and qualified for knockout


The South American team was able to impose conditions on the field and showed superiority against a Spanish side that failed the psychological blow of embedded win against the Netherlands.

Approved equal marriage in Luxembourg


Another benefit that offer modification Luxembourg Magna Charter is forced to fight several years have risen in the European nation joints.

Some 24 dead in attack on rebels in Damascus


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad launched a military offensive against terrorism, the threat to devastate vulnerable regions in the south and the capital. He warned that the rebellion will rise in the West and other countries that “support” in Syria and the Middle East.

Rousseff will welcome Santos to discuss issues of bilateral agenda


Dilma Rousseff, will receive his Colombian counterpart, Juan Manuel Santos, who will hold a bilateral agenda on peace negotiations with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, among other issues such as investment in Brazil to Colombia.

President of Angola visited Cuba increased economic project


As part of his official visit to Havana, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, Angolan President toured the container terminal of the Special Zone of Mariel Development (ZEDM), which I expect to become the largest entry and exit island trade.