Los Van Van Juan Formell will honor in France

The legendary band Los Van Van de Cuba will pay a fitting tribute to its founder, Juan Formell in France. (Photo: Archive).

As part of its 45th anniversary, the Cuban band Los Van Van will give a concert in France where he will pay a fitting tribute to the founder of the Caribbean grouping, Juan Formell.
The event, nonprofit, will take place on Saturday, June 6 at the famous lake of Enghien-les-Bains, in the north of Paris.
According to the executive producer of the group, Carmen Mayans, at least about 10 thousand people will attend the festival that will feature more than 100 performers, who perform music with broad social sense that characterizes the cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean.
The orchestra will be conducted by the Cuban Dominique Roland, who will have the responsibility to put the audience to dance with pieces such as; The cansa’o and Sugar Marilu and Ox.
At the time, adding that several former members Mayans orchestra as Pedrito Calvo and Angel Bonne, will participate in the largest event dedicated to Juan Formell.
The Cuban band Los Van Van have been presented at numerous venues worldwide, becoming a reference in Latin music for many decades.
The Cuban musician Juan Formell, founder and director for more than four decades of the legendary band Los Van Van, died on May 1 at age 71.
In Life received numerous awards and recognitions, including in 2013 he received the Latin Grammy for Excellence, an award which involved sacrifices after many years of tireless work in the Hispanic music scene.