Daily Archives: 25 mayo, 2014

U.S. Senator calls for greater control over firearms


Sen. Richard Blumenthal said Sunday that the U.S. Congress should retry the approval of a bill to strengthen controls for background checks to citizens who buy firearms.

Vitali Klitschko would be elected mayor of Kiev in surveys


This result coincide with the figures used by the self proclaimed winner of the presidential race, Petro Poroshenko; who also participated in the elections held in Ukraine this Sunday.

Santos and preliminary results lead Zuluaga Colombia


The registrar of Colombia, Carlos Ariel Sanchez said at a press conference that the preliminary results are distributed by the Registrar to the news now.

African children could be the key to eradicating malaria worldwide


A study by U.S. researchers found that the immune system of children residing in Tanzania, produced an antibody that attacks the parasite that causes malaria. Thus, the news becomes another progress to end the disease.

Algeria will host foreign ministers of nonaligned countries this week


As part of the schedule of activities of the Non-aligned Movement (NAM), on 28 and 29 May 80 debate in Algeria representatives on issues related to terrorism, cross-border organized crime, racism and Islamophobia in some countries Europe.

Ends tables and begins counting presidential votes in Colombia


The electoral body had planned to close the polls until 16H00 local time (2100 GMT) for the electorate to decide between the five candidates are vying for presidency of Colombia.

Presidential have been the quietest last decade in Colombia


“There has been a large influx of higher than we had estimated people, because Colombia is a country that has had more abstention.” Said Nicanor Moscosso observer in Latin America. Observers confirm that the day was quieter.

Surveys estimate victory of the extreme right in France


While official results have not the National Front would lead to Europe Parliament elections with 25 percent of the vote; situation that is repeated in different proportions in Denmark.

Afghan President refuses to meet with Obama in U.S. airbase


Afghan President Hamid Karzai rejected an invitation to meet Sunday with U.S. President Barack Obama at Bagram Air Base, located on the outskirts of Kabul.

Pass quietly in Colombia’s presidential


Long lines are recorded in the vicinity of the polling stations, as Colombians participated strongly in exercising the right to vote. About 33 million people are eligible to vote on a day that has passed completely calm.