Juana Azurduy: Revolutionary independence sovereignty by Argentina

In 2009, President Cristina Fernandez promoted to the rank of General and the first woman entered the Argentine Army (Photo Archive)

Juana Azurduy revolutionary militia, was one of the leaders of the former Republiqueta La Laguna with her husband Manuel Ascencio Padilla, in the battles for emancipation in the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata (Buenos Aires governorate) in the nineteenth century .
Both fighters joined the Chuquisaca Revolution that the May 25, 1809 dismissed the president of the Audiencia of Charcas which integrated the Viceroyalty territories established by the Spanish crown.

During the struggle for emancipation, commanded by Antonio González Balcarce and then the General Manuel Belgrano, when he sent expeditions to Buenos Aires and the royalists fought defending Chuquisaca areas and jungles covering Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Juana was unwavering in battle, before he died, he fought pregnant with her fifth child.
In 1811, Azurduy and Ascencio suffer the defeat of the Northern Army at the Battle of Guaqui, realists led by José Manuel de Goyeneche, took the Alto Peru, and seized the cattle and properties Padilla were arrested Juana and her children, but managed to rescue and took refuge in the heights of tarabuco jungle area.
The fighters continued the struggle for independence and in 1813 was put in command of Belgrano, new Assistant Chief of the Northern Army, to battle with more than 100 thousand militants in Vicalpugio. Subsequently, Juana Azurduy organized the “Loyalists Battalion” who participated in the Battle of Ayohuma the November 9, 1813, which meant the withdrawal of Argentine armies of Upper Peru.While Padilla organized militias in guerrilla fighting against the Royalists commands, Joan led the guerrillas who attacked the hill of Potosi on March 8, 1816. This win, coupled with the victory in the Battle of Villar, the architect made the revolution, and obtained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel by a decree signed by Juan Martín de Pueyrredón, Supreme Director of the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata.
The November 14, 1816 he was wounded at the Battle of La Laguna, her husband came to her rescue and the attempt was mortally wounded. Azurduy took shelter in poverty after the death of her four children, and in 1825 Simon Bolivar visited and rose to Colonel, degree that included a pension.
He died in 1862 at 82 years of age, with the legacy of independence. His remains were exhumed 100 years later, to be kept in a mausoleum built in his honor in the city of Sucre, Bolivia.
In 2009, President Cristina Fernandez, rose to the rank of general, the first woman to enter the Argentine Army.