Certificates of vaccination for yellow fever shall be valid indefinitely

So far the only vaccination certificates were valid for ten years. (Photo Archive)

Vaccination certificates for yellow fever, which so far served up for ten years, shall be valid for life, as decided on Saturday the World Health Assembly.
This week meeting in Geneva Member States of the World Health Organization (WHO) at the annual meeting in establishing public health priorities in the world.
So far the only vaccination certificates were valid for ten years. However, delegates from the Assembly decided to amend the rule and provide that certificates will last indefinitely. This decision was made based on the recommendation of the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE, for its acronym in English).
Moreover, in the last day, the representatives asked that a draft resolution to be adopted next year on a Plan of Action to combat antibiotic resistance is drafted. Delegates recognized that it is a growing problem and go for a year to further reading and refer to adopt a multisectoral program in the next Assembly.
During the week resolutions on several issues, among which were the fight against tuberculosis, hepatitis and neonatal health were adopted.The Assembly also adopted a resolution urging Member States to pay more attention to medical treatment received by children with autism and other mental disorders and ensure that these cases are included in specific health programs for children and adolescents.