Chilean mayor requests authorization for growing medical marijuana
In Chile, the cultivation of marijuana is punishable up to five years in prison (Photo Archive)

The mayor of the community of La Florida in Santiago, requested permission to agricultural authorities on municipal land to cultivate marijuana for medical purposes, an unprecedented initiative in Chile that aims to benefit about 200 cancer patients.
“We have come to request authorization from the SAG (Agricultural and Livestock Service) to start growing cannabis sativa regulated (…) only for medicinal purposes,” said Rodolfo Carter.
The local authority wants to use a land of thousand square meters of the municipality to start cultivating marijuana in September under police protection, and produce oil and cannabis capsules.
However, MPs belonging to his right-wing sector of the Independent Democratic Union (UDI) severely criticized Carter, whom they accused of wanting to legalize marijuana.
The mayor responded to his critics by stating: “We are not promoting the legalization of any drugs If they want to pursue in the past by subjecting the Chilean people to the very drug that do business with the pain, it’s their problem.”.
To obtain the appropriate permissions, the city should handle requests to the Ministry of Justice and Health.
For his part, the Minister of Health, Helia Molina, said, “will be discussed in the appropriate places the legality or appropriateness of that request.” “If there is evidence that it works not see why not use it, but you have to evaluate it,” Molina said.Chileans support legalization
The National Service for Prevention and Rehabilitation of Drug and Alcohol (Senda) proposed last March that through a decree reclassify cannabis use in therapy for patients under medical order.
According to a report released to local media, this establishes that there is no scientific evidence “at national or international level that supports the theory that cannabis use leads to consumption of more complex drugs such as cocaine base, cocaine, heroin or other. ”
In that vein, thousands of Chileans participated last Saturday in Santiago (capital) in the march for the legalization of marijuana, held for the ninth year to end the criminalization and persecution growers and legalize consumption.
Participants demanded new policies to combat drug trafficking. Ensure that prohibition has not achieved anything in the subject.
Currently being debated in the Chilean Congress a bill to legalize the cultivation, personal and medical use of marijuana, filed in early August 2012 by Ricardo Lagos Weber senators and Fulvio Rossi.
The proposal indicates, inter alia, that “shall be exempt from criminal liability to cultivate at home sativa species of cannabis, provided it is for personal consumption and / or therapeutic use. Similarly exempt from criminal liability those who carry or carrying with them a definite amount of cannabis sativa.A regulation shall determine that amount. ”
In Chile the cultivation of marijuana is punishable by up to five years in jail, as ordered, but not personal and private consumption.