Homeless Brazilian Workers alert by high rental costs

A 5000 Brazilian poor occupied near stadium host the opening match of the World Cup (Photo: EFE) land

Approximately five thousand poor Brazilians occupied near the stadium that will host the opening match of the World Cup, arguing that the construction of this is the reason for the increased cost of rental housing land forced them to leave.
“We are not against the World Cup,” insisted Rita of Cassia, a nurse of 35 years who says his tenant doubled the cost of her rent single bedroom, forcing him to leave. “We are opposed to how they try to fool us. Dan priority football and forget the families of the Brazilian people.”
Cassia expressed in the last two years, she and the neighbors noticed the increase in rent in the neighborhood of Sao Paulo Itaquera. Said her husband is a carpenter and is unemployed and living on their monthly $ 350, of which 110 were used to pay monthly rental. Earlier this year, the tenant notified them that the rent would be increased to $ 220, which implies an increase of 100 percent.
The nurse called Movement joined the Homeless (MTST) Workers, which helps families set up tents on vacant land then find it necessary to leave their homes.
Robson Goncalves, one of the leaders overseeing the occupation MTST called “The People’s Cup”, said he was unaware who the owner of the land, about 150 thousand square meters (37 acres).Take left about two decades, according to the organizer, but stressed that no one claimed since families started arriving last weekend.
Recently, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, was the scene of protests in opposition to the realization of the world and of clashes that have left dead and wounded. However, the Brazilian president has called for calm in the country and has clarified that state resources were not intended for the event.