José Mujica: “Globalization is heading towards disaster”
José Mujica, asked to join forces between the villages of latinaomerica. (Photo: teleSUR)

Speaking at the Second Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), President of Uruguay, José Mujica, said globalization is heading towards disaster without a comprehensive program to protect humanity from its consequences.
“Globalization is a fact that is headed for disaster if we are not capable of supporting consciousness,” said the president.
Mujica reminded the leaders of the richest region in the world natural resources “have a responsibility to the world. There is much that can be.”
He warned that it can not be attempted development against human happiness, “that would not be development. Development is not the sum of wealth is human happiness.”
He asked to join forces between the Latin American people “need to fit because we were late to the challenge” and stressed that no country in the present there “has weight to face this uncertainty.”
Cultural Change
However, the president stressed that while leaders do not change the history of mankind, because “the history of mankind the only change peoples (…) we have responsibility.”
“If there is a cultural change we can not do anything (…) if you people do not change, nothing changes,” said Mujica.
Mujica said the big step that means the establishment of CELAC as “we have more than one looking to Europe to America, we hardly looked between us, but now we’ve taken a big step, century our own system is much”.He urged his counterparts to “stop on the way the edges of waste and slavery, but turn power must maintain the glorious means of science and technology everything is disposable, not everything is black or not, this is the dilemma have, “said the President.
“We can not cope with earthquakes, we can not face the wind, but we can pool resources if we hold the waste,” he reiterated.
The Uruguayan dignitary highlighted the importance of nuclear disarmament but questioned their counterparts on the veracity of a zone free of nuclear weapons, because “how will be nuclear free our lands, when nuclear submarines roam our waters.”
He called to think like kind “if we continue to think as a country and social class, thinking only of our own, civilization is doomed.”
The president ended his speech with a statement that calls for reflection: “If we do not sow in the minds of those who are to come, we will be beholders of misfortunes.”