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Zuluaga Santos recognizes victory in Colombian elections


During his campaign made a strong criticism of the current peace process with the FARC and defiendió a return to security policies and the fight against insurgent groups that characterized the previous government of Uribe.

Peace repeated as the core of the debate between Santos and Zuluaga


Candidates again engaged in a debate marked by disagreements and opposing views on various issues, especially in reference to peace, as Santos continue promoting dialogue, while the conditions Zuluaga.

Colombians abroad begin voting Monday


A total of 559,952 registered Colombian embassies and consulates abroad are eligible to vote in the second round to be held in the country on Sunday 15 June. Outside were arranged 890 thousand polling stations.

Starts silence public square for candidates Colombia


Both candidates close campaign in places that did not fare so well in the last election. Santos lost Zuluaga in Antioquia and Nariño. From Ahoa may only attend events indoors.

Santos and Zuluaga prioritize closures peasants in campaign


Candidates for the presidency of Colombia agreed to prioritize the peasants in their closures campaign and engage with the sector if elected in the second round scheduled for June 15.

Santos and Zuluaga expand their differences campaigning on peace process


Candidates for the presidency of Colombia presented their positions on the notice on the table incoporación to victims of armed conflict and the acceleration of the dialogues. Santos said the fact is critical to the “future of peace” while Zuluaga lambasted the FARC.

Peace talks with the FARC candidates face Santos and Zuluaga


Santos said, about his proposal, that his government “is changing the culture of fear to the culture of hope and peace” this “knowing that peace is much harder than making war” Zuluaga said that while no is willing to a peace process without conditions.

Colombian president: Zuluaga want war with Venezuela and neighboring countries


After completing a tour of the department of Antioquia, northeast of Colombia, César Gaviria, former president and current head of debate President Santos, Uribe said the candidate wants to drag the country down a path totally wrong.

Zuluaga and Uribe knew about spying on peace process


The Spanish Rafael Revert hacker, who collaborated with the spy Andrés Sepúlveda said that the right candidate for the Colombian presidency and president Alvaro Uribe were aware of espionage members of the peace process with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

Candidates ask Colombians Óscar Iván Zuluaga resignation to candidacy


The Clara Lopez and Enrique Peñalosa candidates have requested the resignation of its container, Óscar Iván Zuluaga after a video in which the bond you have with the so-called “hacker” Andrés Fernando Sepulveda desmuestra be revealed.