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Macri Government faces day of protests in Argentina


The Movimiento Evita, standing neighborhoods, the classist current and Combativa (CCC) and the Confederation of workers of the Popular economy (CTEP) are participating in the March on Wednesday.

Behind bars 19 Mexican police by looting in gasolinazo


The Secretariat of security public in Mexico said that the agents were detained after be located in a winery several materials looted, without is notified of this to them upper.

Behind bars 19 Mexican police by looting in gasolinazo


The Ministry of public security in Mexico indicated that agents were arrested after being located in a cellar several looted materials, unless you notify superiors.

Lufthansa cancels hundreds of flights on their third day of strike


The airline canceled a significant number of flights this Friday because of the strike that leads to Cape Eurowings, branch of the line air.

Detained in Spain suspected members of Turkisch


In Madrid and Barcelona, were arrested this Saturday two Moroccan, suspected jihadists that used actively Internet.

UN promised to stop the Ebola virus

Health workers wearing protective clothing prepare themselves before to carrying an abandoned dead body presenting with Ebola symptoms at Duwala market in Monrovia

After a meeting with senior health officials, Ban said that “the next few weeks will be crucial” to enhance international efforts to combat the worst global epidemic of Ebola.

Cybercriminal network dismantled in Germany


The German prosecutor confirmed this information saying that scam the banks “was one of the best planned and executed robberies of all time.”

Abbas urges Israel to stop escalating violence in Gaza


Mahmoud Abbas condemned the Israeli military aggression and attacks Thursday against the Gaza Strip. He emphasized that his government will continue efforts to achieve peace in the region.