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Our hosts Venezuela Caribbean Festival


The salsa, son and bolero musical genres will be present in the Caribbean Our 2014 Festival, to be held from 28 to 30 August.

All ready to start the XVIII World Salsa Congress in Puerto Rico


Celebrating 60 years in the music of the legendary Roberto Roena, and the “hand in hand” friendly between two of the greatest orchestras in the history of salsa, topped the musical offerings of the eighteenth annual edition of the World Congress Salsa.

Los Van Van Juan Formell will honor in France


With over 100 musicians on stage, the legendary band Los Van Van de Cuba render a tribute to the great Juan Formell, who in life was the founder of one of the most internationally recognized groups.

PHOTOS: Dan farewell to Cheo Feliciano


Puerto Rican government authorities organized an emotional ceremony for the singer of songs like “Anacaona” and “If it rains for me”; which was attended by large number of followers, and personality of the genre.

World says goodbye to large sauce Cheo Feliciano


The renowned salsa singer and composer of boleros died Thursday in a tragic car accident, crashing her car into a pole in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Death singer-songwriter Cheo Feliciano


Feliciano, that of the great musical hits like “If my rain” and “Anacaona”, died early on Thursday in a traffic accident on Highway 176 in Cupey, Puerto Rico.

They pay tribute to the Gran Combo of Puerto Rico on the National Day of Salsa


After hearing the news, the musical director and founder of El Gran Combo, Rafael Ithier, said the tax “means a lot” to the group that takes 52 years making the world dance music with its rich flavor with hits like “Witchcraft” “Timbalero” and “No bed for so many people.”