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Formell Guaracha omnipresent in craft fair in Havana


A fraternal concert by the children’s company and photographic exhibition The Beehive revived the best rumbas of Los Van Van on the Caribbean island under the direction of master Formell, during La Rampa Art Fair Pavilion in Havana Cuba.

Los Van Van Juan Formell will honor in France


With over 100 musicians on stage, the legendary band Los Van Van de Cuba render a tribute to the great Juan Formell, who in life was the founder of one of the most internationally recognized groups.

Cantata in Cuba honors Formell


Thousands of Cuban cultural authorities and central government attended the Freedom Park in the province of Matanzas (north), to express their respect for the great arranger, composer and founder of the famous orchestra Los Van Van, died on 1 May.

PHOTOS: Cuban people fired Juan Formell


Numerous figures of Cuban culture have gone to the funeral services of the founder and director for more than four decades of the legendary band Los Van Van, who lost his life at 71 years old.

Cuban musician Juan Formell recalled by the Greek press


The famous musician had a successful career. He worked in various musical groups until the end of 1969 created the band Los Van Van. The director, bassist, arranger, composer, singer, and record producer died on May.

Hundreds march to dismiss Cuban musician Juan Formell


The ashes of the Cuban musician, who led the orchestra Los Van Van for over four decades, are in the National Theatre of Havana. In the complex, the children’s group The Beehive interpreted Formell’s most popular songs.

Ashes musician Juan Formell will be exhibited at the National Theater of Cuba


The Cuban musician Juan Formell, who died May 01 at 71 years old, had a successful career. He worked in various musical groups until the end of 1969 created the band Los Van Van. In November 2013 he received the Latin Grammy for Excellence.

Colombia mourns the death of Formell, legend of Cuban music


“Die legendary Juan Formell, director of Los Van Van de Cuba” is one of the leading news headlines disseminated in print, radio and television Colombian. He also became a national trend in the social network Twitter, where Colombians expressed regret and admiration.