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Chile and Cuba open doors for bilateral trade


The Chilean foreign minister said his country has the political will to cooperate with Cuba as part of a true South-South collaboration, including with other nations most in need.

Suriname: Correa met before swearing Bouterse


The presidents of Guyana and Equatorial Guinea also met with Surinamese president.

President Bouterse sworn in for second term in Suriname


The event was attended by authorities as the Secretary General of CARICOM, Irwin LaRocque, and UNASUR, Ernesto Samper.

Shell Oil announced dismissal of about six thousand people


The oil company Shell announced it posted a 37 percent drop in earnings during the second quarter of this year, while adding that reduce their expenditures to face an extended period low oil prices.

Bolivia and France studying investment in hydrocarbons


The European country plans to inject more than $ 300 million in the development of gas fields in the nation’s highlands

CELAC and China expand joint projects


Infrastructure projects, energy and telecommunications are some of the major challenges of the union between the CELAC and China for this 2015.

Ecuador strengthens IBE


Ecuador went from record 95,000 students in 471 2006-148000 956 in the current academic system.

Cuba: Mariel Megapuerto get two foreign investment


The names of the foreign negotiators will not be revealed until companies are officially registered. Some projects still under evaluation are for the industry and renewable energy sector.

Brazil inaugurates the largest wind farm in Latin America


The work consists of three wind farms will have a total installed capacity of 583 megawatts (MW).

Argentinos rely on the labor system of the country


The economic policies developed by the Argentine government to improve the quality of life of citizens and employee benefits increased in the third quarter of the year have generated confidence in the workers to find another job quickly.