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IMF suggests Macri reduce public employment in Argentina


“A structural reduction in public employment and implement a system of attrition”, was the suggestion by the IMF to Macri.

IMF: advanced economies underestimate the problem of inequality


The Managing Director of the IMF, admitted that that institution and several economists underestimate the problem of inequality for the crisis in the advanced economies.

Greece refuses to implement social cuts to reach agreement


Although no agreement has been reached, the Greek authorities are optimistic that negotiations with creditors culminate in a favorable negotiating parties, without the need for social cuts.

Suspended financial aid to Greece


The lack of agreement within the national parliament to form a new government was the trigger to be temporarily suspend the financial assistance program that was in effect.

Director of the IMF refused to be a candidate for president of the European Commission


The director of the International Monetary Fund, Christina Lagarde, declined Friday as a candidate for president of the European Commission. He said he intends to complete his term as head of the international financial institution.

IMF welcomes implementation of measures sought to Argentina


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) acknowledged Friday implementation of all economic measures requested Argentina to improve the quality of data on prices and gross domestic product (GDP).

Europe allows Lithuania to adopt the Euro


Lithuania is the only Baltic country that has not yet implemented the Euro as official currency, after joining the European Union 10 years ago. Estonia and Latvia entered the Euro zone in 2011 and 2014, respectively.

Greece tries to regain economic stability tourism


The Hellenic nation presents the first signs of economic recovery after the first two years in office of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras; in alliance with the socialist and conservative political sectors.

Constitutional Court of Portugal invalidated plan cuts for 2014


Among the rejected points are the reduction of the salaries of state officials, more than 675 euros. They also decided to roll back a device that provides a rate of 6 percent for unemployment subsidies

Portugal bailout program leaves the Troika


Portugal longer-officially-Saturday under the aegis of the troika-European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund-three years after international agencies accept grant a loan of 78,000 million euros.