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U.S. Approves law to avoid paralysis of the Government


The Senate approved the temporary measure in a vote loudly without opposition, since the House of representatives support it by 382 votes against 30. 

US presidential .: Boehner leave lower house in October


In late October he will leave the post he held since 2011 and the seat he held for about 25 years.

Approves bill banning wiretapping by the NSA


The legislation known as Freedom Act was passed by the lower house of the US and must pass the Senate.

U.S. resources to curb “border crisis”


The lower house of Congress approved Friday for 694 million dollars to address the crisis in the U.S. border. However this amount is a fraction of the amount requested by President Barack Obama to address the emergency.

Obama Authorizes proceedings against abuse of power


With 225 votes in favor and 201 against, a resolution was passed authorizing the commencement of legal proceedings against the president.

U.S. Supreme Court limited powers to appoint officials Obama


The GOP caucus in the U.S. Congress-majority in the House of Representatives, has opposed virtually the main initiatives of President Barack Obama, accusing him of “exceeding his constitutional authority.”

Colombian Congress did not approve FTA with South Korea


Congress did not approve the Colombia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed on February 21, 2013 in the South Korean capital. On orders of President Juan Manuel Santos, review some of the clauses and may file the project again on 20 July.

Santos asks the party to rule on case of JJ Rendón and narcos


The president of the Chamber of Representatives of Colombia, Hernán Penagos considered that the policy of the ruling Social Party of National Unity should convene a meeting to evaluate decisions in the case of political advisor, JJ Rendón and their alleged links to drug traffickers.

Uruguay will ban cigarette advertising and display in stores


The aim is to reform the current Article 7 of the Law of Snuff, to force sellers to only display a list of available brands and their prices.

U.S. Ambassador in Mexico: Immigration Reform is a debt


The diplomat regrets that many American entrepreneurs take advantage of irregular migrants as cheap labor; has generated massive inequality and large irregularities in the economy.