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2,000 million people still consume contaminated water


A joint who and UN report warns that investment in water infrastructure is insufficient to achieve the goal of sustainable development posed by these organizations for 2030.

Approved up to 375% increase in the rate of drinking water


The camera in the contentious administrative Federal gave a boost of up to 375 per cent increase in the service of drinking water in the Argentine capital.

US .: More than one million Californians without safe water


A study by the University of California reveals the crisis facing Californians referring to drinking water.

Bolivia sends 12 tons of drinking water to Chile


The death toll from heavy rains that have hit northern Chile was raised to 18 while 49 others remain missing.

Do you urinate in drinking water? Puerto Ricans will demonstrate to NASA that it is possible


A group of scientists from the University of Puerto Rico developed a system that allows astronauts to process and transform urine into drinking water by a substance containing human waste. NASA will evaluate your research to test in space.

Paraguay River in danger of flooding


The Paraguay River is close to reaching eight meters deep, which increases the drama in the country with more than 160,000 affected by heavy rains. Water transport has been another problem, because the roads are flooded.

Drinking water in the United Kingdom has metabolized cocaine


A study by scientists in the UK reveals that found traces of metabolized cocaine in drinking water consumed by the population, which is an example of how widespread the use of this drug in the country.

About 70 percent of Bogotá without potable water damage dam


More than four million people in Bogota were without water service by damage to the gate of the dam that supplies the Colombian capital, Mayor Gustavo Petro, who urged citizens to save the liquid until it is reported solve the situation.

Chileans remain in shelters after aftershocks north of the country


The lack of potable water in shelters authorized by the Chilean government, remains the biggest concern for residents who, alerted by water scarcity vital in regions affected by the earthquake and its aftershocks.

Unicef ​​warns of 400 thousand daily deaths of children due to lack of water


The UN agency this week launched a global campaign on social networks in order to bring safe water and sanitation plans to all people without this necessary service, living in extreme poverty.