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Israel denies request us to cease illegal settlements


Various Israeli authorities, who opted for anonymity, claimed that the alleged demands of United States Special Envoy are false.

Cost of the border of Trump wall reveal


The camera of representatives of US expected that Trump send a budget supplemental for the construction of the wall in the border with Mexico. 

Cost of the border of Trump wall reveal


The U.S. House of representatives expected to Trump sent a supplementary budget for the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico. 

Odebrecht paid 788 md in bribes to 12 countries


Countries involved have begun to react, and add to the investigation of bribes from major construction company of Brazil.

Egypt revives nuclear power project


The nuclear energy as a source to supply Egypt energy consumption has been on the minds of all Egyptian presidents, although the historical and especially the difficulties economic vicissitudes, have prevented much progress.

Cuba blockade affects housing construction


Investment Director of the National Housing Institute, Roberto Vazquez, said that as a result of the siege, the country is unable to acquire technologies and construction materials.

New rule on Ecuador earthquake offers more control


Following the recent earthquakes in Quito, the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing Ecuador enacted this measure to protect against future seismic events Ecuadorians.

Colombia: forum culminates victims seeking to build peace


A repair that goes beyond economics that this aimed at rebuilding the social fabric, investment in education, protection of victims, the need to create commissions to uncover the truth of what happened and guarantees of no victimization, have been topics appellants.

Reported delay in the construction of the wall of ice Fukushima


The Nuclear Regulatory Agency (NRA) expressed “concern” over the delay in the construction of the wall and asked the owner of the plant, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), to complete your installation in late July.

Venezuela joins four countries to boost housing construction


Spain, China, Panama and Venezuela Vietnam built homes. With China companies plan to create two factories, one of fiber cement panels with a capacity to produce up to 30,000 homes a year.