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Santos receives “Man of global state” award


The president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, was honored Tuesday as “Global State Man” for his courage and vision that has led Colombia to prosperity and economic dynamism despite huge challenges in the global environment.

LIVE: Colombia 2014 Presidential Election


teleSUR offers special coverage in this second round in Colombia. Here you will find all the details of the presidential runoff between Juan Manuel Santos and Oscar Ivan Zuluaga.

OAS has 74 observers in Colombian elections


The Organization of American States will have 74 electoral observers to monitor the presidential elections in Colombia. They will be responsible for overseeing issues related to technology, electoral security, campaign finance, external voting and electoral dispute resolution.

Unions expressed support Colombia reelection Santos


Leaders of Colombia’s main unions said this Monday to support President Juan Manuel Santos and candidate. The president thanked the support of the workers.

Farmers and academics in Colombia call vote for Santos


Hundreds of Colombians related to the arts, journalism and academia called to vote for Juan Manuel Santos, in order to achieve peace. “We are for peace in Colombia and recognize the efforts of President Juan Manuel Santos and candidate to end the war,” he said.

In detail: The Peace of Colombia ruled debate between Santos and Zuluaga


President Juan Manuel Santos and the right-wing candidate Oscar Ivan Zuluaga expressed their ideas in a debate organized by various media of Colombia. Peace was the theme highlighting the conciliatory stance of Santos, in contrast to Zuluaga.

Green Alliance joins President campaign Santos


The Green Party made official his support for the candidacy of President Juan Manuel Santos at the presidential runoff June 15. Santos thanked the support his peace campaign, which hopes to overcome with the right-Oscar Zuluaga.

Antanas Mockus says Juan Manuel Santos supported


Through a letter, Antanas Mockus explained why they will vote for Juan Manuel Santos in elections Sunday 15 June.

Colombians begin to vote for president


About 33 million Colombians are beginning to vote in the polls 13H00 GMT (local 08H00), which will be open until 2100 GMT (8:00 to 16:00 local time). President Juan Manuel Santos was the first to exercise the right to vote in the Plaza Bolivar in Bogota.

Open polling stations in Colombia for presidential


In 10 000 642 polling stations 33 milion Colombians may exercise the right to choose who will be the president of that country for the next four years. From 1300 GMT to 2100 GMT (8:00 to 16:00 local time) will be open tables.