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Deaths from cholera in Somalia reached the 25,000


The number of fatalities from the disease could increase since the authorities have only posted to the casualties recorded in hospitals.

2,000 million people still consume contaminated water


A joint who and UN report warns that investment in water infrastructure is insufficient to achieve the goal of sustainable development posed by these organizations for 2030.

Outbreak of cholera and acute diarrhea affect 2 regions of Somalia


Since the beginning of April, reported 411 cases of acute diarrhea and cholera in Somaliland, in the North of the African country.

Cholera outbreak puts on alert authorities of Angola


Since last Friday, new cases of cholera have been in the African country, so the authorities announce contingency plans. 

At least 23 people have died of cholera in South Sudan


Missionaries of the World Health Organization (WHO) state that the lack of food and drinking water, aggravates the situation faced by South Sudanese. To prevent the disease proliferate across the country, WHO is working on prevention programs.

Cholera outbreak adds new victims in South Sudan


To prevent the spread of cholera in South Sudan, the missionaries of the World Health Organization (WHO), are providing treatments and applying evidence to mislead the contagion of the disease.