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Philip VI was proclaimed King of Spain again


The royal proclamation ceremony was held Thursday in the House of Representatives, preceded by a parade in which the young King drove through the streets of Madrid, decked in its honor with thousands of flowers and hundreds of red and yellow flags .

King Juan Carlos signed his own abdication law


King Juan Carlos on Wednesday signed the law of his own abdication in a formal ceremony, in what will be his final act as head of Spanish State and his 39-year reign. The law was approved Tuesday by the Senate last parliamentary process after being endorsed by Congress.

Spanish Senate Approves Law Abdication with 90% of votes


During Tuesday’s session, were rejected proposals to veto rule, which were presented by the United Left party. This has required a referendum takes place, and Juan Carlos to abdicate in town.

Spanish Politician Sabino Cuadra: We want no monarchy


In Spain “what is needed is a change of properties in question, regime. Kings not change but have none neither father nor son nor Franco spirit that dwells in both,” he said.

The Princess of Asturias charged 102,000 euros with just eight years


Despite crisis, the Infanta Leonor will receive 102,000 euros in annual salary. Nor can we say whether it will be the total amount of his salary and that this is an interim amount and the new monarch could make changes it deemed appropriate.

Most Spaniards support a referendum


The abdication of King Juan Carlos has been in the Spanish table the proposal for a referendum on monarchy or republic, according to a poll supported by 62 percent of Spaniards. Over 40 cities in the country are the scene of demonstrations calling for the right to decide.

Parliament Act review abdication of the King of Spain


The Spanish government sent to parliament a bill that would take effect the abdication of the king of Spain, Juan Carlos I, for his son the current Prince of Asturias, Felipe de Borbon. The text has a single article that establishes the succession in the Spanish Crown.

Legal vacuum surrounding the abdication of the king in Spain


The announcement Monday by the prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, has put on the table several crucial questions, many of which have no answer today because the existing legal vacuum in Spain leaves almost everything to speculation.

Elizabeth of England? Would follow Juan Carlos I?


The decision taken by the King Juan Carlos to abdicate the throne, Queen Elizabeth II of England is silent. However, a survey initiated the Center for Sociological Research reveals that Prince Charles is supported by 49 percent of the English to assume that office.

In Keys: Process abdication and monarchical succession


Abdication will be effective the day the law was published in the Official Gazette, after which you can immediately proclaim the new monarch, a step that the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy said he hopes takes place “in a very short time “.